HOD - Mrs. A. J. Elusakin GII

The pre-nursery department consists of the creche and play group classes. It is the first step of formal learning any in any school. To make learning interesting for pupils in this department, many things has been put in place by the school PTA.
Learning aid like various charts, toys and audio visuals(television DVD) this enable real life learning as pupils are taught. It aid nursery rhymes  effectively and easily. This makes the pupils happy coming because the play group is a home away from home,
The creche/day care class is for babies aged three months and above specially created for working mothers. There is a total number of four classes and five teachers in this department
Due to how it is managed, many parents have enrolled their children.

HOD - Ms. Williams Bsc.Edu- In view

The nursery department consists of nursery 1and 2. It is made up of 5 classes and 5 teachers.
Pupils are taught learning and writing skills. Their subject includes Religious studies, poem, fine art, music, mathematics,English language, Handwriting, Social Habits, Health Habits, Computer, Health Science, French and Yoruba.
  As the HOD of the department, I see to the effective and efficient running of activities in the department. Parents are proud of their wards are in the department and the teachers are indeed inculcating into them, the required morals, behaviors and attitudes expected of a child.
Primary (Basic):

HOD - Ms. D. Ikoko N.C.E, B. Edu. (Econs)

This department consist of pupils from basic one to five. Each class in the department consist of two arms excluding basic five.
As the HOD of this department I aim at creating awareness of the school through the pupils. I achieve this by challenging pupils in  in competitions like quizes, debates, spelling competitions, beauty pageants and other extra curricular activities.
Learning From Every  Success And Mistake